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Table. 2.

Table. 2.

Case 1 patient’s self-monitoring records during a binge episode

Time Food and drink consumed Place * V/L Context and comments Key features
7:30 AM Rice-1 bowl
Soybean paste stew-1 pot
Cutlassfish-2 pieces
Kimchi-1 plate
Dried anchovies stir-fried with nuts-1 plate
Dining room I felt anxious after eating it all because it seemed like too much. Fear of energy intake
10:15 AM Two caramels Classroom
1:20 PM Bibimbap-2/3 bowl
Egg soup-1 bowl
Pecan pie-1 piece
Kimchi-3 pieces
School cafeteria I only ate a portion of the rice. The pecan pie had jam inside and it was incredibly delicious. Carbohydrate restriction
4:30 PM Chakani (snack)-2 pieces School sports field I wanted to eat more, but I stopped eating.
5:50 PM Gamjatang (pork bone soup with potatoes)-2 bowls
Hongeosamhap (fermented skate)-8 pieces
Kimchi-1 plate
Fried rice-1 bowl
Almond breeze-1 pack
Dining room * I had two bowls even though the bowl was huge. I ate only one piece of hongeo (fermented skate) because it wasn’t tasty and then had bossam (boiled pork). Although I was full, I ate the fried rice because it looked delicious and ended up with a stomachache.
9:00 PM Pringles-6 pieces
Shabure-4 bags
Dried mango-2 bags
Potato crisps-1 pack
Coconut cookies-1 pack
Star Candy-3 packs
Whale-shaped snacks-1 fistful
* The snacks were incredibly delicious. I was worried about the sweetness. I craved the snacks so much that I ate them. As I mindlessly consumed them, it was frightening and saddening to see the empty bags. Fear of energy intake

Note the efforts to limit or control carbohydrate intake, the hesitation before eating, and the fear and anxiety after eating. The patient’s verbatim is translated in English. The original Korean text has been provided as a Supplementary Table 2. *overeating/binge eating. V/L, vomiting/use of laxatives

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