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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Case 1 patient’s self-monitoring records during a binge episode

Time Food and drink consumed Place * V/L Context and comments Key features
8:20 AM Special K Strawberry-1/2 bowl
Almond Breeze-1 pack
Steamed fish+radish
Dining room Ate and still felt hungry. I had my mom’s side dishes with it. I was worried because they were heavily seasoned. Caloric restriction
10:20 AM Kalamansi flavored
Konjac jelly-1 pack
Dining room In the end, I ended up getting more stressed out about why I cried about eating in the first place. Hesitancy
12:30 PM Tofu kimchi-1/2 portion
Bean paste stew-1/2 bowl
Bean sprout salad
Shredded radish salad
Braised beans-2 spoons
Kimchi-2 pieces
Pickled squid-2 servings
Hot pepper pickles-2 servings
Korean Eatery I was so frustrated because I didn’t feel full at all, and I ended up arguing with my mom. Carbohydrate restriction
4:00 PM 1/5 Sweet pumpkin Dining room I was so hungry that I couldn’t wait until dinner, so I ate. Caloric restriction
6:00 PM Budae-jjigae-2 bowls
Udon noodles-1 bowl
Fried rice-5 spoons
Braised beef brisket-3 pieces
Stir-fried beef brisket with mung bean sprouts-1 plate
Rice-1 bowl
Parents’ friends’ house * I was in so much pain from my stomach.

Note the efforts to limit or control carbohydrate intake, the hesitation before eating, and the fear and anxiety after eating. The patient’s verbatim is translated in English. The original Korean text has been provided as a Supplementary Table 1. *overeating/binge eating. V/L, vomiting/use of laxatives

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