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Table. 6.

Table. 6.

Case 2 patient’s self-monitoring records during a binge episode

Time Food and drink consumed Place * V/L Context and comments Key features
12:05-12:55 PM 1 Pint of ice cream
1 Pack of butter cookies
1 Pack of milk
Home * Eating while talking to mom. Overeating. Not sweet at all. Tasteless. Bland. Tolerance
5:10-5:55 PM 2 Pack of butter cookies
1 Pack of milk
1 Pint of ice cream
Home * Cookies are not sweet for me. I become fixated on anything sweet. Just want sweet things, not other foods. Snacks seem too bland and tasteless, not sweet at all. Ice cream doesn't appeal to me much either.
I feel dependent on sugar (tiredness+meals+ daily routine). Without sugar, I feel like I might die and lose the desire to live. Honey doesn't taste sweet. Want to eat a lot of honey and sugar. Only crave sweet foods continuously (without engaging in other activities).
I want to quit sugar and have a moderate level of consumption. Ice cream - not sweet at all. Even after consuming a large bag of sugar, it doesn't seem sweet.
Not sweet and salty, just sweet. Continuously chase after sweetness (like in past diets, until the end).
Every day, I feel like I'm deeply immersed in only sugar/sweet things, as if addicted to drugs. Please help me.
Craving, Consumption of larger amounts, Continued use in spite of negative consequences, Withdrawal, Tolerance, Self-report of food addiction ("I feel like I'm addicted to sugar/sweets every day. Please help me with this.").

Observe the obsession and craving for sweets and the embarrassment about it, rather than efforts to limit intake or anxiety about weight gain. The patient’s verbatim is translated in English. The original Korean text has been provided as a Supplementary Table 6.

*overeating/binge eating. V/L, vomiting/use of laxatives

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