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Table. 5.

Table. 5.

Case 2 patient’s self-monitoring records during a binge episode

Time Food and drink consumed Place * V/L Context and comments Key features
8:50-9:25 AM Chicken pop snacks 1 Packet
Greek yogurt
Home The usual morning. The taste of snacks didn't come through. Tolerance
1:20-1:50 PM 1 Pint of ice cream Ice cream shop Ate what I wanted. It's just tasteless. Tolerance
2:30-3:00 PM 1 Pint of ice cream Ice cream shop Wanted to eat more. No matter how full I am, I have no control and am filled only with thoughts of eating. Not sweet. Consumption of larger amounts, Loss of control, Tolerance
3:50-4:10 PM 1 Bag of SunChips Outside Felt like the initial stage of another binge-eating episode.
5:20-6:20 PM Chicken pop snacks 1 Packet
1 Quarter of ice cream
Home Binge-eating. Ruined → Rush. Not sweet, not salty, lost appetite. Can't taste. Loss of control, Tolerance

Observe the obsession and craving for sweets and the embarrassment about it, rather than efforts to limit intake or anxiety about weight gain. The patient’s verbatim is translated in English. The original Korean text has been provided as a Supplementary Table 5.

*overeating/binge eating. V/L, vomiting/use of laxatives

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