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Table. 3.

Table. 3.

Case 1 patient’s self-monitoring records during a binge episode

Time Food and drink consumed Place * V/L Context and comments Key features
7:40 AM Radish greens-2 spoons
Lotus root side dish
Dried anchovies stir-fried with nuts-4 spoons
Japchae (stir-fried glass noodles with vegetables and meat)-1 plate
Rice-1 bowl
Seaweed soup-1 bowl
Dining room I got it from my grandmother’s place, and it was so delicious that I ate a lot.
10:10 AM Two Mentos Classroom
11:00 AM 3 Snacks Classroom
1:20 PM Brown rice-1/2 bowl
Seaweed soup-1 bowl
Seasoned bracken and tofu-2 spoons
Cheese buldak (spicy chicken)-2/3 bowl
Kimchi-3 pieces
School cafeteria I received a lot, so I ate almost everything except for a few large portions.
4:30 PM Multi-grain bread-2 slices
Pocari Sweat-2 gulps
In the car I was hungry while waiting for my older brother, so I ate. Caloric restriction
6:00 PM Tofu kimchi-3 pieces
1 Yellow corn
Almond breeze-1 pack
Tuna ramen-1 plate
Dining room Craving for sticky corn, but since it wasn’t available, I settled for this. Ate a bit of my mom’s tuna ramen. Caloric restriction
8:10 PM 1 Baby Cream Puff Dining room I was happy because it’s my favorite bread.
10:00 PM Baskin Robbins-1/3 quart
1 fistful of French fries
Dining room * I wanted it so badly that I cried, and eventually, I bought it. I was so happy. Hesitancy

Note the efforts to limit or control carbohydrate intake, the hesitation before eating, and the fear and anxiety after eating. The patient’s verbatim is translated in English. The original Korean text has been provided as a Supplementary Table 3. *overeating/binge eating. V/L, vomiting/use of laxatives

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