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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Mean and standard deviation of each index of K-WISCIV, CAT, and ARS

Index Score (n=55)
FSIQ 92.4±12.2
GAI 99.3±11.7
CPI 87.7±13.4
VCI 98.5±12.9
PRI 100.0±12.8
WMI 90.9±12.5
PSI 88.1±15.3
Visual simple selective attention
Omission error 103.0±9.9
Commission error 109.0±14.2
mean reaction time 89.3±14.3
Response time variability 90.3±16.9
Auditory simple selective attention
Omission error 107.0±7.8
Commission error 108.0±9.9
mean reaction time 90.0±13.4
Response time variability 101.0±16.2
Inhibition-sustained attention
Omission error 95.0±12.5
Commission error 90.5±19.2
mean reaction time 90.6±14.6
Response time variability 91.3±14.7
Interference-selective attention
Omission error 87.0±16.4
Commission error 91.1±17.8
mean reaction time 83.9±14.7
Response time variability 79.9±14.2
Divided attention
Omission error 98.9±15.5
Commission error 99.5±12.7
mean reaction time 93.6±14.0
Response time variability 94.4±13.3
Working memory
Forward correct response number 98.3±11.5
Forward memory span 97.1±12.4
Backward correct respinse number 102.0±15.3
Backward memory span 102.0±11.2
Odd-numbered items, inattention 13.1±5.9
Even-numbered items, hyperactivity and impulsivity 11.1±6.0
Total score 24.2±10.2

Values are presented as mean±standard deviation. K-WISC-IV, Korean-Wechsler Intelligence Scale of Children, fourth edition; CAT, Comprehensive Attention test; ARS, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Rating Scale; FSIQ, Fullscale intelligence quotient; GAI, General Ability Index; CPI, Cognitive Proficiency Index; VCI, Verbal Comprehension Index; PRI, Perceptual Reasoning Index; WMI, Working Memory Index; PSI, Processing Speed Index

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