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Table. 4.

Table. 4.

Correlation coefficients of the PROMIS Depression, Irritability (ARI), K-CBCL DSM emotional problem, and K-CBCL DSM anxiety problem scores (n=109)

PROMIS Depression Irritability ARI K-CBCL DSM emotional problem K-CBCL DSM anxiety problem
PROMIS Depression 1.00
Irritability (ARI) 0.58** 1.00
K-CBCL DSM emotional problem 0.71** 0.52** 1.00
K-CBCL DSM anxiety problem 0.53** 0.46** 0.73** 1.00

**p<0.01. PROMIS, Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System; ARI, Affective Reactivity Index; K-CBCL, Korean Child Behavior Checklist; DSM, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders

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