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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Assessments of film, literature, and clinical case in the process of synchronized individuation

Items Boyhood* The hen who dreamed she could fly Clinical case: a father and a son
Type Film Literature Clinical case
Background United States of America, 2002-2014 Published in Korea, 2000, in U.S., 2013 Treatment in a clinic, Korea
Family Son, older sister, mother, father, two step-fathers, father’s girlfriend Adopted son, mother (personified story) Son, mother, father
Core relations Son-mother
Son-biological father and step fathers
Adopted son-mother Son-father
Perspective Son Mother Clinician (3rd person)
Main issues Simultaneous growing and individuation of family members Adopted son’s growing and separation,
Self-realization and individuation
Conflict between father and son,
Acceptance with new identity
Processes of synchronized individuation Seeking secureness, Mutual recognition of equality, Selective identification, Getting responsibility, Ambivalence about separation, Son’s college entrance Mutual recognition from discrepancy, Selective identification, Loneliness and anxiety, Ambivalence about separation, Adopted son’s leaving with same kind Loss of idealized self-object and aggression, Family psychotherapy, Mutual recognition from ambivalence, Drive for change and selective identification, Son’s college entrance
Results of synchronized individuation Coping with emptiness, mutual respect of socialization Tolerating the separation anxiety, Mutual respect of new identity Acceptance of their new position, Getting responsibility, Mutual respect of their opinion

*movie, Boyhood: a 2014 American film, directed by Richard Linklater; †fairy tale, author Sun-Mi Hwang, 2000 Korean, 2013 English;

‡clinical case reported by Moon DS and Bahn GH in J Korean Acad Child Adolesc Psychiatry 2022;33(2):41-47

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