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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

The comparison of classic individuation theories with synchronized individuation

Items Primary SI by Margaret Mahler (1963) Secondary SI by Peter Blos (1967) Third SI by Calvin Colarusso (1990) Synchronized SI from this article
SI subject Infant Adolescent Adult Adolescent-parents
SI from Mother (caretaker) Parents Children, spouse, parents Each other
Period Infancy Adolescence Young and middle adulthood Adolescence-middle adulthood
Developmental tasks Psychological birth from symbiosis, establishment of object constancy Reorganization of psychic structure, independence from parents, identity achievement Making family, experiencing parenthood, accepting the aging, transforming the relationship Tolerating ambivalent tension in relation, mutual recognition and respect
Process Differentiation, practicing, rapprochement, object constancy Dialectic process between regressive and progressive positions Ongoing process of separation from the offspring, spouse, and parents Synchronized experience of ambivalence, selective identification, achieving dual individuation

SI, separation-Individuation

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