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Table. 2.

Table. 2.

Correlation coefficients of SNAP-IV, IOWA, and K-ARS inattention scales (n=104)

SNAP-IV inattention IOWA inattention K-ARS inattention
SNAP-IV inattention 1.00
IOWA inattention 0.84* 1.00
K-ARS inattention 0.86* 0.73* 1.00

* p <0.01. SSNAP-IV: the DSM-5 Level 2 Cross-Cutting Symptom Measure–inattention for parents and guardians (Swanson, Nolan and Pelham, version IV), IOWA: IOWA Conners Rating Scale, KARS: the Korean version of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Rating Scales

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