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Fig. 3.

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Fig. 3. Brain regions in which ASD group showed reduced activity compared to CON group under dynamic versus static conditions. (A) Statistical parametric maps rendered on spatially normalized brains. (B) Statistical parametric maps of representative brain regions overlaid on the normalized anatomical MRI of one of the participants. (C) Mean parameter estimates (±SE) of brain regions corresponding to the above overlaid MRIs. MTG: middle temporal gyrus, FG: fusiform gyrus, AMY: amygdala, MPFC: medial prefrontal cortex, IFG: inferior frontal gyrus, FE: fear, HA: happiness, DY: dynamic expressions, ST: static expressions, CON: control, ASD: autism spectrum disorder. Adapted from Sato et al. BMC Neurosci 2012;13:99 [111].
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