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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Demographic and clinical characteristics of subjects

Depressive (n=134)Bipolar (n=53)Non-mood (n=33)F or χ2pPost-hoc
Age, years15.4± 1.515.4± 1.714.6 ± 1.83.550.030D>N
Gender, boys59 (44)12 (22.6)19 (57.6)11.660.003N, D>B
 Anxiety disorders25 (18.7)15 (28.3)17 (51.5)15.100.001N>B, D
 SSD10 (7.5)3 (5.7)6 (18.2)4.640.098
 ADHD7 (5.2)3 (5.7)8 (24.2)13.340.001N>B, D
 Tic disorder3 (2.2)2 (3.8)3 (9.1)3.550.169
 Eating disorder4 (3.0)2 (3.8)4 (12.1)5.190.075
 Conduct disorder/ODD4 (3.0)1 (1.9)4 (12.1)6.500.039N>B, D
FSIQ102.0±13.998.5± 11.998.9±12.51.590.206
RCMAS18.2±7.219.4±7.612.7±6.39.67<0.001D, B>N
CDI22.0±8.924.4± 11.314.9±8.010.97<0.001D, B>N
 Depressive59.7±31.871.5±34.232.4±28.315.53<0.001D, B>N
 Hypomanic/biphasic23.7±14.130.8±17.315.7 ± 14.910.56<0.001B>D>N

Data are mean±standard deviation or n (%) values. Multiple comparison corrected significance level: p<0.003. ADHD: attention- deficit/hyperactivity disorder, A-GBI: adolescent version of the General Behavioral Inventory, B: bipolar disorder group, CDI: Children’s Depression Inventory, D: depressive disorder group, FSIQ: full scale intelligence quotient, N: non-mood disorder group, ODD: oppositional defiant disorder, P-GBI: parent version of the General Behavioral Inventory, RCMAS: Revised Children’s Manifest Anxiety Scale, SSD: somatic symptom disorder

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