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Table. 3.

Table. 3.

Randomized controlled trial of social skill-communication early intervention for children with autism from 2000 to 2017

AuthorYearParticipantsInterventionMeasureOutcomeMian therapist

Aldred et al. [22]2004Autism, 29 to 60 months old (n=14)Autism, 24 to 56 months old (n=14)Parent delivered social communication intervention+routine caseRoutine care1)Autism severity 2) Language 3)Parent-child interactionSignificantCaregiver
Green et al. [23]2010Core autism, 2 to 4 years old (n=74)Core autism, 2 to 4 years old (n=72)Parent medicated PACT+treatment as usualTreatment as usual1)Autism severity 2)Parent-child interaction 3)Language and adaptive functioningNon-significant in reduction of autism severityCaregiver
Carter et al. [24]2011ASD, 21.11 ±2.71 months old (n=32)ASD, 21.51 ±2.82 months old (n=30)Hanen’s ’More than Words’+non-project treatmentBusiness-as-usual1)Children’s communication2)Parental responsivitySignificant in children with lower level object interestCaregiver
Solomon et al. [28]2014Autism & PDD nos, 50.5±10.0 months old (n=64)Autism & PDD nos, 49.85±10.4 months old (n=64)PLAY Project home consultation Intervention+treatment as usualTreatment as usual1)Autism symptoms 2)Parent and child interactions 3)Development outcomes 4)Parent outcomesSignificant in parent- child interactions and autism symptomsCaregiver
Wetherby et al. [27]2014ASD, 16 to 20 months old (n=42)ASD,16 to 20 months old (n=40)Individual early social interventionGroup early social intervention1)Socialcommunication 2)Adaptive behavior 3)Developmental levelSignificantCaregiver
Landa et al. [25]2011ASD, 21 to 33 months old (n=24)ASD, 21 to 33 months old (n=24)Interpersonal synchronyNon-interpersonal synchrony1)SEI 2)IJA 3)SPASignificant in SEITherapist
Ingersoll et al. [26]2012Autism, 39.3±7.3 months old (n=14)Autism, 36.5±8.0 months old(n=13)Focused imitation intervention+treatment as usualTreatment as usual1)Initiation of joint attention 2)Social-emotional skillSignificantTherapist

IJA: initiation of joint attention, PACT: preschool autism communication trial, PLAY: play and language for autistic youngsters, SEI: socially engaged imitation, SPA: sharing of positive affect

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