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Table. 2.

Table. 2.

Randomized controlled trial of joint attention early intervention for children with autism from 2000 to 2017

AuthorYearParticipantsInterventionMeasureOutcomeMain therapist

 Patients Control Patients Control
Drew et al. [15]2002Autism, mean age 21.5 months old (n=l 2)Autism, mean age 23.6 months old (n=12)Parent training program focused on joint attention and joint action routines+usual local serviceUsual local service1) Autism severity 2)Language 3)IQ 4)Parental stressSignificant in languageCaregiver
Kasari et al. [6]2010Autism, 21 to 36 months old (n=l 9)Autism, 21 to 36 months old (n=19)Caregiver mediated joint engagement+ treatment as usualTreatment as usual1) Engagement state 2) Play typeSignificantCaregiver
Oosterling et al. [16]2010ASD, 35.2±5.5 months old (n=36)ASD, 33.3±6.4 months old (n=31)Focus parent training+ care-as-usualCare-as-usual1) Language 2)General improvement 3)Engagement, early precursor of social communication, parent skillNon-significantCaregiver
Kasari et al. [19]2014Autism, 2 to 5 years old (n=51)Autism, 2 to 5 years old (n=44)Active parents coaching based on JASPER+ treatment as usualParents group education+treatment as usual1) Joint engagement 2) Social communicationSignificant in joint attention and play typeCaregiver
Kasari et al.[20]2015ASD, 22 to 36 months old (n=43)ASD, 22 to 36 months old (n=43)JASPER+early intervention programPsychoeducational intervention+early intervention program1) Joint attention 2)Play type 3)Language 4)Parenting stressSignificant, large effect size in joint engagementCaregiver
Kasari et al. [17]2006Autism, 3 to 4 years old (joint attention group, n=20, symbolic play group n=21)Autism, 3 to 4 years old (n=l7)Discrete trial training+ floor intervention for each treatment goal (joint attention, symbolic play)+existing Early Intervention ProgramExisting early intervention program1) Joint attention 2) Play typeSignificantTherapist
Kaale et al. [18]2012Autistic disorder, 29 to 60 months old (n=34)Autistic disorder, 29 to 60 months old (n=27)Joint attention intervention+preschool programPreschool program1) Joint attention 2) Joint engagementSignificantTeacher
Shire et al. [21]2017Autism, mean age 31.7 months old (n=56)Autism, mean age 31.5 months old (n=56)Community-partnered JASPER programTreatment as usual1) Joint attention 2) Paly typeSignificantTeaching assistant

JASPER: Joint Attention Symbolic Play, Engagement, and Regulation

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